Heat & Glo and Travis Industries branded product lines are the leaders of their industry. Together they lead in the breadth, depth, value, style, innovation, technology, design, efficiency, quality and safety of their fireplace products. As innovators they are continually creating new products and technologies to meet the changing needs and desires of homeowners. With dozens of styles available from traditional to modern, contact Weston Bros. to help you choose that perfect fireplace for your home.

Make Your Dreams Become a Reality… While Adding Heat & Ambiance To a Room

Enjoy the benefits of a modern gas hearth product:

  • Safe & Efficient
  • Add Value to Your Home
  • Fire at the Touch of a Button
  • Many Styles to Choose From
  • No More Buying, Storing & Moving Wood
  • No Messy Cleanup or Smoke
  • No Chimney Required
  • A Warm Place to Gather for Family & Friends

Fireplaces and stoves are indeed an investment in the value of your home, but their true value comes from the great enjoyment and comfort they will add to your lifestyle!

Selecting the Hearth Product for You

The way you plan to use your new hearth product will influence the type you choose. Some products are designed to be efficient heat producers, others will have more of a decorative look and some will provide the best of both. The layout of your room, any physical space constraints and interior design style will all play a part in your decision. A fireplace will become a natural focal point in most rooms, so think of it as a major piece of furniture that should complement your décor.

Fireplace Products

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent fireplaces are the ideal choice when there is no existing fireplace or where adding a conventional chimney is impractical. These are complete units that include the firebox, the gas burner and a log set. A variety of configurations are available, including single sided, multi-sided, multi-view and corner units. Venting can be terminated vertically or horizontally. You can enjoy the natural look and feel of a wood burning fireplace at the flick of a switch or push of a button! With features like glowing split logs and embers, a large glass viewing area, variable flame adjustment and brick face refractory – your friends and family will be amazed it’s gas. These direct vent technology fireplaces give homeowners the flexibility in design and style to install one almost anywhere in the home.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are self-contained units designed for installation into an existing masonry fireplace. These inserts allow you to convert your existing wood burning fireplace into a beautiful, convenient and energy efficient heat source. They offer a large viewing area and provide a warm radiant heat. Using features like ceramic glass and FireBrick technology inserts help to deliver more heat back into the room and save energy too!

Gas Log Sets

Gas log sets will provide the most realistic hearth fire at the lowest initial cost. The ceramic fiber logs and gas burner module are designed to be installed into an existing wood burning fireplace and duplicate the look of a real wood fire. However, like wood fires, most of the heat is lost up the chimney. Real-Fyre gas log sets by R.H. Peterson company provide the most realistic logs available through 50 years of perfection. The detailed bark pattern and texture of real wood is duplicated in these ceramic products through a unique molding system. Logs are sized and matched and colored to create an authentic wood fire appearance. Enjoy the radiant glow of a roaring fire at the flip of a switch. No more messy ashes to clean up, no storing and hauling of wood, no more dangerous flying sparks, no creosote build up in the chimney and no more cost of purchasing wood.

Freestanding Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are self-contained units that resemble old-fashioned wood burning stoves. They can take the place of an existing wood stove by adding a flue liner or vent inside the chimney. Gas stoves will warm your family’s hearts and homes with old fashion charm and all the modern day convenience of gas! With many different physical sizes and colors available, you’re sure to find one to complement your decorating scheme. The large cast iron models offer home owners traditional character and real warmth. Variable output gas valves and thermostat control allows the ability to regulate heat output and room temperature.

Mantels & Surrounds

The area around the firebox can be decorated in many different styles. Traditionally, the non- combustible material “surrounding” the firebox includes the following choices: stone, marble, granite, limestone, brick, stucco, plaster, and ceramic tile. The decorative mantel can be a simple “shelf mantel” mounted above the firebox, a “surround mantel” around three sides, or a full “cabinet enclosure”. A decorative mantel and surround will be a primary focal point in your home. When the fire is not burning, the mantel and surround take center stage.

Door Enclosures

A fireplace door enclosure is both a decorative and functional component of your fireplace. They are used on all types of fireplaces and log sets. With a wood fireplace; a door enclosure can assist in the start up of the fire, help to regulate the burn of the fire, reduce the amount of heat normally lost up the chimney, and aide in letting the fire burn out when you are leaving or going to bed at night. With a gas log set, a door enclosure will allow you to keep the heated air in the room when you put the fire out instead of it going right up the chimney. For those who demand the very best Weston Bros., Inc. is proud to be your authorized dealer for Portland Willamette doors and screens. Handcrafted quality distinguishes Portland Willamette glass door enclosures from others. The custom door enclosures are meticulously manufactured for durability and beauty, and are available in a wide variety of frames and finishes to suit your taste and decor.

Electric Fireplaces

For those installations which can not accommodate a gas or wood burning fireplace, there are electric fireplaces and stoves. These models can be installed virtually anywhere. All that is needed is an electrical outlet. Most electric fireplaces come standard with a 4,800 BTU heater (1500 watts), built in thermostat and adjustable flame brightness.

See our gallery of actual Weston Bros. Inc. installed systems here.