Highly recommend Weston Brothers.

I just wanted to send you a testimonial that you can feel to use either on your web site or in whatever form you feel most appropriate. Also, if you ever need to refer anyone to a satisfied customer, I’d be more than happy to speak to a potential customer.

When I decided that a ductless air conditioner was the right system for me, I decided to call several contractors that others had recommended to me. Most of those contractors never even bothered to return my call. The few that did really didn’t strike me as terribly competent or even trustworthy. Trying to get even an estimate seemed almost impossible.

On a whim, I decided to look for a Mitsubushi dealer in my area. The first name that came up was Weston Brothers in Forest Hills. The name seemed to ring a bell as I had done a lot of Internet searching. I called their number and, first of all, was pleased to actually have someone answer the phone. Further, it was a knowledgeable person who was pleasant and treated me kindly. I was happy to get a rough estimate over the phone based on the needs I described. But I was truly delighted when they were able to schedule an visit to survey my property the very next day.

The following day, exactly at the scheduled time, Michael Weston showed up to see the space and assess the necessary installation work to be done. Aside from being very polite and professional, what struck me about Michael was that, when I asked him questions about installation options, he never blurted our a quick response. he was thoughtful and deliberate with his observations and answers. It made me feel like he was really being careful about giving me the best, most thought-out options for my particular needs. Even though Weston Brothers was the only company to give me an estimate, I felt completely confident to ask them, right on the spot, to do the work. I was certain. Based on my research, I knew that the estimate was quite reasonable. When I got a firm price, including the system and complete installation, I felt that I was getting a good deal. The installation was scheduled for a week later.

The installation went very smoothly. Michael had planned everything out in advance. The workers were great. They were neat and got their jobs done efficiently. All the work was completed as agreed. In the end, they checked out the entire system to make sure everything was working right. Michael took the time to explain everything I need to know about the new ductless air conditioner. At no point did I feel rushed or that I was asking stupid questions. The whole experience from beginning to end was everything I hoped for. I felt confident that I was in good hands. I was treated well, got a good deal and I’m completely satisfied with everything.

I would most highly recommend Weston Brothers to anyone looking for air conditioning systems or fireplace service and installation. I don’t have a fireplace, but if I did, you’d better believe that I’d have any work done by Weston Brothers.

Jerry Halatyn, BeSharp Audio Recording & Music Production