Ductless Split Systems Vs. Central Air

Having some form of air conditioning is almost a requirement for people here in Queens. It just gets too hot to live without it. If you are thinking about putting a new air conditioning system in your home then you know that you have many options to choose from, including the most popular options--ductless split systems and central air conditioners. Here at Weston Bros Heating and Cooling we believe that one of our ductless split systems is a much better option than central air, and there are many reasons why:

  • Flexibility- Central air conditioners can only keep your home cool; you need to install a furnace or a heat pump for year-round temperature control. A Queens Mitsubishi ductless split system allows you to keep your home cool or warm.
  • Zoning- With a central air conditioner you will have to set the same temperature for your entire house. Ductless split systems allow you to set a different temperature in every room. You can also turn off the unit in rooms that you aren't using, this will allow for much more energy savings.
  • Energy- With a central air conditioner, cool air has to travel through the ducts to get to you, which can amount to an energy loss of up to thirty percent. Since your ducts are left out of equation in a ductless system, this eliminates the possibility of leaks entirely.
  • Cost- The initial cost of a ductless split system may be more, but upfront costs alone are completely misleading. With a ductless system you will spend less every single month to keep your home comfortable, and those savings will quickly add up.

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