Save Energy With Ductless Split Systems

Summer heat can quickly become overwhelming, especially here in Queens. Heat can affect our sleep schedules, our moods, and even our appetites. Air conditioning is great, but a lot of people are hesitant about whether to install it or not because of the cost. It can be pretty pricey to try to keep your home cool when you use a traditional air conditioning system, but Weston Bros Heating and Cooling has a solution for you. If you are looking to keep cool and save energy this summer than there is no better option for you than one of our ductless split systems.

Ductless split systems have the power to save energy because they are installed without the use of any ductwork. Ductwork, especially when it is completed improperly, can be a huge source of energy loss. Our Mitsubishi ductless systems keep your home cool using only electricity. With so much energy savings available with the use of a ductless split system, it is no wonder it is the fastest growing air conditioning system in America! The benefits don't stop with energy savings, ductless systems are ultra quiet, incredibly precise, and they are also capable of filtering out odors and allergens.

You don't have to choose between staying comfortable and keeping your energy bills affordable, with a ductless air conditioner you can have the best of both worlds! For more information about our ductless aid conditioning systems please visit our Ductless Systems page or contact us at 1-718-793-2000. We look forward to keeping you cool and comfortable all summer long.

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